Saturday, October 2, 2010

What the freakin blog.......

So, there was this one time that Emily was blogging........18.5 hours later she remembered that there was a world outside of the 15" screen that she had been staring into. This is my life......okay it's not really that bad, I just like to give Emily crap about it. The best part about her long, drawn out blogging escapades is that she isn't really blogging at all. She has a minimum of 10 (I asked her and it's only 8...but 10 sounds so much better), count them.....10, pages that she has bookmarked for blog backgrounds and all that jazz. She is on them every week or so deciding what to do with the blog next. For those of you who follow her blog you should be saying to yourself......."Emily has had the same blog setup since I first started reading it. What is Josh talking about?" What Josh is talking about is the countless hours that he gets to spend telling Emily..."That one looks really good with the header"....or...."Yeah I don't really like that one too much." And all of this time spent trying to help and be a part of something that she likes ends up being in vain when she throws out the words....."Yeah, I think I like it the way it is." So, it has not changed at all since day one and to my disarray will never change no matter how much time we spend changing it.

It is actually quite funny sometimes. For those of you who know me, you would say that I am a man of many interests who is willing to try just about anything at least once (hence the Masshole blog). But there is just something about spending hours on end looking for a blog background that just doesn't sound that exciting to me. So, I have two options here....I could either change mine constantly (to the most ridiculous backgrounds that you can find) just to show her how fun change can be, or I could just leave it be for time and all eternity just because I have already put enough effort into it already just by typing this one blog out and to show her how alike we are.

This is my blog, this could very well be my one and only post on here but we'll just have to see. Maybe I will just throw some randomness on here just for the fun of it and maybe I will become a very avid blogger telling you all about my life and the emotion that runs deep through my overly sized "Man Veins". Either way I hope that we will all have a very fun blogging life together and I really hope that someone other than Emily will read this.

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